Kids Against Bullying - K - Gr.5 - Kid-friendly, but not condescending, this accessible website offers plenty for kids to explore, read, and share on the topic of bullying

Kids for Peace - This is a great website for inspiring and informing efforts to bring about peac through positive participation. Project ideas, a peace pledge and instructions for starting a local chapter empower kids to become community contributors

National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) - has compiled a number of resources, many for use in the classroom, to help address Internet safety, including tips and materials addressing issues that range from online identity theft to cyberbullying and cyberstalking

NEA - tip sheets, a video about how teens deal with bullying and other issues, and a list of resources to help educators make their classrooms and schools safe for everyone

Taking Charge of Anger - Gr. 2 -5 - There's much useful material here, including a discussion of triggers kids will recognize and a list of "Anger Busters," all delivered in a supportive tone. Links to related topics, for example, "Talking About Your Feelings" and "Train Your Temper," are provided for those needing additional resources

Teaching Tolerance - this resource provides activities, lessons, and articles for educators at all grade levels on a variety of issues around justice and tolerance in schools, including bullying

Teens Against Bullying - gr.6 and Up - With an edgy, updated look, this interactive website for teens includes stories, resources, and a place to share their own experiences with bullying

Dignity Act

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PreK-12 Building Principal

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